The oven

Tired of all the old catering ideas? Why not have fresh woodfired pizza direct from the oven at your next party!

You choose FIVE! different Woodfired pizzas you want from our menu (or even design your own), we make them fresh and cook them at your place and at your nominated time!

Even if its a small party, we don't restrict you to just 3 types of pizza, you can have 4 types of meal pizzas and a dessert type pizza or even 5 meal type pizzas! Thats our idea of catering!

Nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen during your own party. No kitchen cleanup after the party. (Thats another bonus)

We do the catering work for you!

All you need to do is kick back, relax, eat the flavoursome woodfired pizza with your guests and accept their compliments.

No need to hunt around town for a pizzeria that has a true woodfired oven, you can have it at the place of your choice, with all your friends at a competitive price.

We have a mobile woodfired pizza oven that we bring to the party!

Why go out for that traditional pizza taste? (If you can find it) You can have it all at your own place and everyone can eat as much as they want!

You will have a unique party that will be the envy of others!

Fresh, traditional woodfired pizza straight out of the oven. How good is that?

Complimentary special garlic pizza
for everyone before we start cooking the main pizzas.